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Pokemon Emerald for GBA July 23, 2006

Posted by scorpiongame in Pokemon Games, Role-Playing Games.

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Game for Gameboy Advance: GBA 
Language: English
Sealed Box

Pokémon Emerald begins when your character, a young aspiring Pokémon Trainer, moves to Littleroot Town. Shortly into your journey a challenge arises and you must choose from three Pokémon — Torchic, Mudkip or Treecko — and begin a quest to become the world’s best Pokémon Trainer.

During your quest you’ll enter the Battle Frontier, where you’ll need every bit of your strategy knowledge and cunning to win.


  • Exciting plot twists add new excitement and challenges to a familiar land
  • Seven new battle facilities means tons of battle excitement
  • Special Trainers called Frontier Brains challenge hone your skills
  • The plot thickens with rare Pokemon Rayquaza sightings
  • Return to the Hoenn region to battle Team Magma and Team Aqua

This is a 100% genuine import GBA game, it’s supplied brand new and shrinkwrapped.

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